Filipa Menano de Almeida

Filipa Menano de Almeida has a degree in Psychology from ISPA (professional ID nº 019653) and is passionate about human behavior, health and well-being.

In pursuit of expanding her knowledge, achievements and personal development, she decided to take different specializations within the areas of human behavior. Since her graduation from ISPA in 2006, she took the training course for trainers at NHK in 2009. She then took the NLP Practitioner course at ICL in 2012. She also majored in hypnotherapy at Hypnos Portugal in 2014 and in Neuropsychology at INSPSIC in 2015. She then took a MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) course at Budadharma in 2017 and is currently attending APTCC’s Specialization in Behavioral and Cognitive Psychotherapy since 2016.

She has worked in several areas of psychology since her internship in sports psychology with the Initiates at the Royal Sport Club, the social psychologist in Brussels at ASBL. She also worked in human resources management at “Santa Comunicação”. She then graduated from the Egas Moniz Hospital as a neuropsychologist. She has given hypnotherapy consultations since 2014 and recently founded, along with a colleague, Neuropsyc. Neuropsyc is a center of Neuropsychology and Applied Psychology that seeks to respond to the needs of each individual through the development of specific intervention programs in various areas. They work in the area of ​​stress and anxiety management, overweight, sports, education and family.

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