Yoga Kids

Yoga Kids

Yoga Kids classes, based on the Sunshine Yoga Kids methodology, are an adaptation of Yoga for children in the company of a parent (or other caregiver) who, in a playful way, develop the child’s potential as a whole and their physical abilities, emotional and intellectual, sensorial, creative, aesthetic and ethical.

Through very entertaining classes that use stories, songs and games, it is encouraged to practice the postures and other techniques of Yoga – breathing, relaxation and meditation – while cultivating the principles of non-violence, truth and joy, in a relaxed, cooperative and learning environment.

Multiple intelligences are stimulated by exploring musical rhythms, verbal language, numbers, motricity, the mental representation of the world, the relationship with others, the relationship with oneself, and the relationship with nature and surroundings.

This is an integral and holistic work that involves: BODY (a healthy body that can act to achieve personal goals and contribute to a better world), MIND (ability to think clearly) and HEART (balanced and connected emotions).

All this brings huge benefits to children, such as:
– increased self-esteem, self-confidence and self-awareness;
– healthier breathing patterns;
– balance of the nervous system and endocrine system;
– strengthening of the immune system;
– increased capacity for intellectual assimilation;
– development of group spirit and cooperation;
– development of a strong and healthy body;
– stimulation of creative expression;
– development of concentration, attention and relaxation capacities;
– ability to deal with stress and anxiety more effectively;
– possibility to relax and sleep better.

At Aravinda Yoga Shala, we attach special importance to family work, as children spend a lot of time in school and in extracurricular activities that usually do not include parental / family involvement. These classes are thus an opportunity for sharing and bonding with parents or caregivers, where adults also find their inner child again!

WHAT TO BRING TO CLASSROOMS (parents and children): gym clothes + non-slip socks in winter.

Note: Each child must be accompanied by a parent or other caregiver, who will also take the class.

Teacher: Joana Menano

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