Soft Yoga

Soft Yoga classes are intended for all those who seek a light and relaxing practice that can contribute to the maintenance of health, physical and psychological well-being. They are especially indicated to those who present some particular situation that can condition the practice of a more dynamic yoga style. Also in the case of a pregnancy, postpartum, bodily injury, physical recovery, extreme fatigue, seniors, and also for those who simply prefer a gentle approach to Hatha Yoga.

These classes integrate physical postures, breathing techniques, mental concentration and relaxation. They contribute to the maintenance of a healthy and flexible body and a calm and self-confident mind.

The practice of Soft Yoga uses auxiliary materials that guarantee greater comfort and safety in practice. They allow you to easily adapt Yoga postures to the individual needs of each practitioner, with the minimum of effort.

These classes are accessible to all, that is, regardless of age or physical condition, not requiring previous experience.

Teacher: Joana Menano