Shiatsu is a Japanese therapeutic massage for physical and energy rebalancing, with its roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It works through pressure exerted by the thumbs, fingers and palms, localized massage, stretching and joint mobilization.

Its function is essentially preventive, rebalancing vital energy and activating the body’s natural healing potential. It helps to correct organic dysfunctions, releases tension and promotes health and physical and psychological well-being.

Effects and Benefits
Through mobilization, stretching and pressure exerted on certain points that function as nerve centers, Shiatsu stimulates the circulatory system, the lymphatic and hormonal system, strengthens the immune system, regulates the autonomic nervous system, helps to release toxins and eliminate causes that give rise to the appearance of symptoms.

Shiatsu massage is deeply relaxing and invigorating, keeping the body healthy, flexible and balanced.

Shiatsu is strongly indicated in situations of tension, physical or mental fatigue, headaches, muscle pain, back pain, sciatica, digestive problems, respiratory problems, insomnia, depression, stress and anxiety, among others.

It proves to be very effective as an adjunct to medical or psychological practices.

The Treatment
Treatment is defined individually, according to each person’s specific situation.
The session lasts from 45 to 60 minutes.
Shiatsu is practiced with light, comfortable clothing.
Avoid consumption of stimulants and heavy meals on the day of treatment.

Shiatsu sessions available at Aravinda Yoga Shala with Joana Menano – Graduated from the International School of Shiatsu in partnership with the Instituto Macrobiotic de Portugal, between 1998-2001.