Relaxation and Stress Management

These days we are bombarded with different sources of stimuli. We operate at such a fast pace that we do not have time to reflect and process our experiences. The level of demand and the instability of jobs also increased exponentially, that is, raising our sense of insecurity daily.

In this competitive world in which we live in, we are faced with constant challenges that make us reflect on our abilities to face them. They lead to excessive stress, which can lead to exhaustion and anxiety.

Given this reality, it is essential to develop effective strategies to deal with the demands of everyday life.

Relaxation and Stress Management classes try to provide an answer to this need, enabling the development of a greater awareness about the functioning and effects of stress in our life. They also promote greater self-knowledge and the learning of simple strategies to face daily challenges.

Facilitator: Filipa Menano de Almeida 

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