Prenatal Yoga

Pregnancy and motherhood are a journey of discovery marked by major changes at the physical, mental and emotional levels. All of this requires a constant adaptation of women to their new and demanding psycho-physical condition.

Prenatal Yoga is a very organizing element in the midst of the possible “chaos” felt by many pregnant women, especially in the present time. This personal development system helps the expectant mother to experience her pregnancy and motherhood with greater serenity and well-being.

Components of a Prenatal Yoga practice and its benefits:

The Psycho-Physical Postures of Yoga contribute to the maintenance of a healthy, flexible and toned body. In this way, they mitigate some common problems in pregnancy such as: overweight, back pain, poor circulation, insomnia, etc. They also provide good preparation for childbirth and postpartum recovery.

The Techniques of Relaxation, Breathing and Meditation strongly benefit the nervous system. They contribute to a general state of tranquility, confidence and internal security (essential bases for motherhood). They provide greater internal listening, sensitivity and connection with your baby. As such, Consciousness is expanded and intuition is strongly developed.

The baby also benefits a lot from these classes, because everything he absorbs during pregnancy has a great influence on his formation as a new Being. The tranquility, connection and well-being felt during the practice are, without a doubt, little seeds of Happiness directly planted in the womb and assimilated by the baby.

Two lesson formats to choose from — in person or online:

Face-to-face classes provide more direct contact and socialization, thus strengthening the dimension of emotional support. We give a very personalized attention to each woman and provide various support materials so that all postures can be performed in comfort and safely.

The classes given in the studio are broadcast online – live – for those who prefer to practice in the comfort of their home. Being in video-conference format, they are interactive classes, so the pregnant woman also receives personalized monitoring and supervision.

Thus, Yoga in pregnancy is a true source of internal strength and vital energy! It benefits mother and baby so that together they can enjoy a new journey that begins. And it is a celebration of this wonderful gift of nature: BEING A MOTHER!

TEACHER: Joana Menano.