Postpartum Yoga for Mothers and Babies

The birth of a child is a very special event in a woman’s life, but also a very intense and demanding one. When a baby is born the mother experiences profound changes in routine, body, mind and emotions. It is thus a true internal and external revolution!

A baby demands full attention from the mother in its early days of life, whom receives it with open arms and heart, and deep dedication. This is usually the moment when the mother forgets herself… but it is so important to take care of yourself!

Postpartum Yoga classes for Mothers and Babies host this wonderful Mother & Baby dyad, where both can enjoy togetherness.

A Yoga practice suitable for the postpartum period, will help the mother to tone and relax the body, relieve back pain, recover the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles, and relax. Also, it increases the levels of energy, inner strength, self-confidence and tranquility, so necessary to motherhood! As the Mother practices, the Baby is by her side watching, playing or sleeping.

These classes also enable contact and sharing with other mothers. This can be an important social and emotional support in this phase where there are always many doubts and insecurities related to motherhood.

In a relaxed and welcoming environment where everyone is in the same situation, each mother is perfectly comfortable to interrupt her practice in case she has to breastfeed, change her diaper or comfort the baby in her lap and, as soon as possible, return to the group.

Mothers and babies are welcome from 6 weeks after birth (3 months after a cesarean section). Classes are offered until babies start moving quickly.

What to bring to class:
• blanket to lay the baby;
• diaper changing hygiene items;
• small baby toys.

Teacher: Joana Menano