Cátia Silva

“The most important aspect of yoga isn’t gaining flexibility or executing difficult poses but to acquire
knowledge of the body and breathing. It is with this knowledge that we can start a process of gradual
and continuous improvement.”

Cátia Silva first tried a yoga class back in 2000. She immediately fell in love with the practice of yoga and
felt the need to implement it in her life. Cátia kept practicing yoga regularly from 2000 to 2015, having
made contact with various schools and instructors. However, in 2016 she decided to further explore and
deepen her knowledge of Hatha Yoga. She then signed up for a personal practice course at Centro
Português de Yoga which made her desire to learn and the will to break the path grow even larger. This
lead her to enroll in the yoga instructors training program in Centro Português de Yoga.
Cátia has seeked to build and solidify her professional and personal formation by attending workshops,
courses and retreats.

“It’s rewarding to be able to help each student on their personal discovery of this milennary art’s