hatha yoga

Hatha Yoga

“Soon the body falls apart, like pots of clay to bake thrown into water. Strengthen and purify the body by cooking it in the fire of Yoga.” (In Gheranda Samitha – Treaty of Hatha Yoga, 15th Century) Hatha Yoga is the most practiced and known branch of Yoga in the West, involving a very complete[…]

Meanings and Dimensions of Yoga

What are the meanings and dimensions of Yoga? It is estimated that Yoga was born in India more than 5,000 years ago, considering ancient Vedic scriptures and archaeological finds in the Indus Valley which include a set of ceramics with figures depicting Yoga postures. In general terms, Yoga is a body of millennial Knowledge. As[…]

Stefanie Birkholz

Effects and Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is a complete system of personal development which, through ancestral techniques, promotes the development of all human faculties. That is, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual faculties. The effects and benefits of Yoga are: At the Physical level, Yoga is a health maintenance system. Through a complete program of physical postures allows to stretch, strengthen,[…]