Aravinda Yoga Shala: a center dedicated to The Teachings of Yoga

Aravinda Yoga Shala is a center dedicated to the teachings of Yoga and other disciplines that promote personal development, health and physical and mental well-being. We see the teaching of Yoga as very gratifying, since it helps to strengthen the foundation for the development of one’s potential and the ability to live fully. We hope[…]

Effects and Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is a complete system of personal development which, through ancestral techniques, promotes the development of all human faculties. That is, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual faculties. The effects and benefits of Yoga are: At the Physical level, Yoga is a health maintenance system. Through a complete program of physical postures allows to stretch, strengthen,[…]

Hatha Yoga

“Soon the body falls apart, like pots of clay to bake thrown into water. Strengthen and purify the body by cooking it in the fire of Yoga.” (In Gheranda Samitha – Treaty of Hatha Yoga, 15th Century) Hatha Yoga is the most practiced and known branch of Yoga in the West, involving a very complete[…]


Shiatsu is a Japanese therapeutic massage for physical and energy rebalancing, with its roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It works through pressure exerted by the thumbs, fingers and palms, localized massage, stretching and joint mobilization. Its function is essentially preventive, rebalancing vital energy and activating the body’s natural healing potential. It helps to correct organic[…]

Dynamic Yoga

Dynamic Yoga is a style of Hatha Yoga that combines elements of Iyengar and Ashtanga Yoga. Emphasizing the body’s alignment, correct execution of postures and regulation of breath, it provides the development of inner consciousness. These classes offer dynamic and physically demanding practices that develop strength, flexibility and balance in a state of tranquility and[…]

Prenatal Yoga

Pregnancy and motherhood are a journey of discovery marked by major changes at the physical, mental and emotional levels. All of this requires a constant adaptation of women to their new and demanding psycho-physical condition. Prenatal Yoga is a very organizing element in the midst of the possible “chaos” felt by many pregnant women, especially[…]