Ashtanga Yoga

ashtanga yoga

Ashtanga Yoga is traditionally taught according to the “Mysore Style” method, in which the student learns the sequence with individualized orientation from the teacher. The student will adapt himself step by step to his own body until he can gain an independent practice. Always supervised by the teacher, but practicing alone.

This allows you to experience the magic of Ashtanga Yoga at your own pace, in silence and in a space shared with others who are also learning and practicing in silence. That is, cultivating and understanding the body and mind that are part of you.

Note on Extended Class Schedules in Mysore Style: Schedules refer to the length of time the teacher is available to teach. This way, each person can start and end the practice at any time within that indicated interval. The duration of each practice is individual, depending on the practitioner’s pace.

Guided Classes

In the guided classes of Ashtanga Yoga the postures are practiced by all students at the same at the same time following the teacher’s traditional Sanskrit vinyasas count, which allows marking the rhythm of practice and the correct synchronization between movement and breathing.

Guided classes are suitable for any student, including beginners.

These classes start and end at the indicated time.

Ashtanga Yoga Improv Classes

Improv classes are guided classes around different approaches to conquer difficult postures such as retroflexions or to learn different ways to strengthen body and mind. They work as a workshop and are suitable for students with a regular practice of Mysore.

These classes start and end at the indicated time.

Students of all levels are welcome!

These classes can be taught in Portuguese or English.

Teachers: Francisco Rodrigues and Stefanie Birkholz.