Aravinda Lotus Flower

Aravinda is a Sanskrit word that, like Padma, means “Lotus Flower”, symbol of spiritual purity.

The Lotus Flower has its roots in the mud, representing the attachments to the material world. The stem rises towards the surface of the water, where the flower blossoms when in contact with sunlight (which represents the light of knowledge).

Therefor, this image symbolizes the path of personal and spiritual development.

In Hindu mythology, the lotus flower appears often associated with several deities, as is the case of the white lotus. Designated by Arvind, a variant of Aravinda, it is where Lakshmi, goddess of prosperity and abundance, sits. Also, in Buddhism the lotus flower is associated with Buddha.

In Yoga, the lotus posture is the classical posture of meditation, associated with a state of spiritual elevation.

Thus, by adopting this name, Aravinda Yoga Shala aims to be a space for personal and spiritual development through Yoga and other complementary disciplines that provide health, well-being and internal growth.

Come and visit Aravinda Yoga Shala, where you can develop all the personal and spiritual potential present in the Aravinda Lotus Flower!